BIG BREW DAY - Saturday May 2

We will Mash a 50 gallon batch but each brewer will need to bring equipment to boil, chill and transfer.

American Homebrewers Association Big Brew Day is on Saturday, May 2.  We are planning to meet at 9am at Brew Depot to brew a 50 gallon batch of "Columbus Pale Ale".  There should be 9 or 10 spots for people to take home a fermenter filled with 5 gallons of wort.  This is also an opportunity for us to experiment with different yeasts.  If there is a yeast you would like to use, indicate that on the signup sheet.  Additionally, indicate if you plan to dry hop or perform an other modifications.

You can sign up SIGN UP HERE if you want to participate.  All brewers will split the cost of grain and hops.  Estimated cost is $25.

You can also bring your own equipment and brew up a batch of your own.  The other recipes for Big Brew are "Old School Barleywine" and "Killer Kolsch".  If you plan on doing this please indicate on the signup page under "notes" whether you plan to bring your own equipment and what you'll be brewing.  There is limited access to water, so there are logistical limitations.