Q: Is Homebrewing legal?  
A: Absolutely! Click HERE for details.

Q: How do I join?  
A: We're pretty informal here. Simply come to a meeting and/or shoot an email to dcrabtr3@bellsouth.net to get on our email list.

Q: What are the fees and dues?  
A: We have minimal expenses.  We do a voluntary $5 fifty-fifty raffle at every meeting.

Q: Where do you meet?
A: We currently meet at Five Seasons North (Brew Pub) in Alpharetta, GA.

Q: When do you meet?  
A: We try to meet on the second Friday of each month from 7-9pm.  Check out the Calendar to find our next scheduled meeting.

Q: Who is in the club?  
A: We have everyone from beginner extract brewers to National Champion all grain brewers in this club.  Don't be shy if your new to home brewing.  We love to geek out and share our knowledge with anyone who will listen.  If you've spent some time around the mash tun, join us!  We'd love to learn from you and drink your beer.

Q: What do I bring to the meeting?
A: Most importantly bring yourself.  We'd also love to try your beer.  Bring a few bottles or a growler of some of your brews  If you can bring $5 for the raffle.

Q: What happens at the meetings?
A: We try to have educational presentations and discussions planned for each meeting.  There is some administrative stuff to take care of such as planning events, projects and future presentations.  Additionally, we take time to taste each others beers and socialize.