Who are we?

The Brewmasters of Alpharetta is a club of homebrewers and meadmakers that meet once a month, usually the second Friday of the month.  The club started in 1996 as the "Brews Brothers" but it was mostly a drinking club.  The Brewmasters of Alpharetta was later formed in conjunction and was focused more on brewing than drinking, thus eliminating the Brews Brothers and totally becoming the Brewmasters.  The club has now grown to around 75 total members with about 40 of them being "active" members.  For now, we meet at the resturaunt on the end (it changes yearly), in the Brew Depot shopping center. 

We sponsor and host our own competition, the Brewmasters Open, once a year.  We are the reigning Mid South homebrew club of the year, scoring the most points in the Mid South Series for 2012.  We are a competitive bunch, and it shows in our beer! 

We are always open to new members, so feel free to contact us if you are interested in getting your name on the email list.