November: Can You BREW It? Northern English Brown Ale

At the November meeting we will hear a short talk from Jordan Morgan about Northern English Brown Ales.  He will also be bringing his very own home brewed example.  Other brewers should also bring their own examples of the style for comparison. Each brewer can then share a little bit about their recipe and techniques.  Hopefully, some of our BJCP judges can give us some feedback as to how well the beers match the style guidelines and what we can do to brew a better Northern English Brown Ale next time around.  CAN YOU BREW IT?

Share your questions, thoughts and recipes below.


  1. I have one example on tap as well and will likely bring a second freshly made example (the one on tap is off target with too much roast).

  2. As November starts to bring cooler weather, I start thinking about brown ales, porters and stouts. As a club, we only got an Honorable Mention in this category at Suwanee, which included American & English Brown Ales (11 entries). Let's learn more about Brown Ales and bring home more medals!

  3. I am planning to brew one this weekend.

  4. is this meeting on Saturday> as the 14th is one. Just to be sure.

    1. The November meeting should be Friday, Nov 13 as this is the second Friday. The location is 5 Seasons on Old Milton Parkway, Alpharetta. I believe all should bring in entries by 6pm.