Who are we?

The Brewmasters of Alpharetta is a club of homebrewers and meadmakers.  The club started in 1996 as the "Brews Brothers" but it was mostly a drinking club.  The Brewmasters of Alpharetta was later formed and was focused more on brewing than drinking, thus eliminating the Brews Brothers and totally becoming the Brewmasters.

We meet on the Second Friday of each month from 7-9pm.

We are always open to new members, so feel free to contact us if you are interested in getting your name on the email list.  Check the Calendar and FAQ for more information.

November: Can You BREW It? Northern English Brown Ale

At the November meeting we will hear a short talk from Jordan Morgan about Northern English Brown Ales.  He will also be bringing his very own home brewed example.  Other brewers should also bring their own examples of the style for comparison. Each brewer can then share a little bit about their recipe and techniques.  Hopefully, some of our BJCP judges can give us some feedback as to how well the beers match the style guidelines and what we can do to brew a better Northern English Brown Ale next time around.  CAN YOU BREW IT?

Share your questions, thoughts and recipes below.

AHA Rally at Monday Night Brewing

July 12 from 1 - 4 pm there is an American Homebrewers Association Rally at Monday Night Brewing (Sunday Afternoon at Monday Night).  You must be an AHA member to attend and must RSVP on their website.  We hope to see you there.